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Corporate branding design actually is to help enterprises to establish a people familiar with the image. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding and the use of trademarks. We need to let the general public through a variety of design with the easier to identify the enterprise image such as logo, advertisement, all kind of POSM to enhance the company's corporate image.

Corporate Branding | Petite Fleur | TIMEZART
Corporate Branding | Petite Fleur | TIMEZART

Corporate Logo

The logo is very important for a company to develop the image of the first name began to design. So, we need to design their brand positioning on behalf of the company and thus their market positioning.

Petite Fleur Branding LOGO Design - TIMEZ ART
Corporate Branding | Petite Fleur | TIMEZART

Brand Book

Brand-Book is indispensable for an enterprise because it allows the outside world more clearly the company's image positioning. A brand must make a constant, meaningful connection between a company and its customers. This means everyone working within or providing services to the organization must understand the brand and how their work influences customer perception of the brand.

Petite Fleur Branding Book | TIMEZART

Point Of Sales Material

We also help clients to design Point of Sales materials, as well as other traditional marketing and corporate identity materials. Our team of designers is experienced throughout the broad range of professional design and uses the classic arts of typography, layout, illustration, and photography to produce products that range from corporate company reviews and annual reports design, to sales and marketing advertisements. 

Corporate Branding | Petite Fleur | TIMEZART
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